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Digital Art

Technology is such a wonderful thing and has come a very long way. There are so many programs and apps to assist artists and designers in creativity that one could go bananas trying to keep up with it all.

When creating an original digital art piece my platform of choice is one I never thought I would even begin to learn how to navigate and it's Photoshop Elements. There is still much to learn as we know technology changes every day it seems, but I love using the program.

Abstract 5d

Abstract fc3

Abstract fc5

Abstract 2b



Thru The Amazon

White Llama

When I create digital art the outcome is mostly in the pixels and applications of technology. What do I mean by this? Well, my process is rather simple. I scan in an original illustration into Photoshop Elements, clean it up, crop, etc. and then go to work playing around with filters, hue, saturation, you know all the fun stuff. When I’m happy with it I save the work and from the saved piece create a new one which will look completely different from the previous and nothing like the original illustration.

Another thing I sometimes do is overlay one digital piece onto another which creates an entirely different body of work. The possibilities are endless and one can get hundreds of original digital art pieces just by scanning in a single illustration. Art can influence technology by the lines, curves, dots, dashes and details one adds to a hand-drawn piece of work before scanning the image into Photoshop or any other platform you may use, the possibilities are truly endless and incredibly surprising.
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