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Mixed Media

Mixed media one of my favorite art forms to create is a fantastic medium of sorts for the perfectionist in me. There are no rules and the imperfections add to the overall final piece forcing me to not be so perfect. I love the organic flow of mixed media and the elements one can use to create such a piece are endless.

Always & Forever

Begin Your Future


Create Opportunity


Have Gratitude



I often use canvas panel, mat board, recycled cardboard, wood and mixed media 90 lb paper. I begin with my first layer by adding color to whatever ‘canvas’ I’m using, usually, colors that complement one another. I usually make a bunch of backgrounds at one time and when I’m done, my first piece is dry and I can start the next layer. I like to use stencils for my second layer mainly flowers, foliage, curved lines anything organic looking. Once the piece is dried I then go back with a black waterproof pen and do the outlines and add details. For me, the imperfections in a mixed media piece add such interesting character that it makes the art that much more beautiful and unique.

I love quotes and positive words so adding them to my mixed media pieces brings me great joy. Each one is unique blossoming with color and positive energy. Once the words are added I outline them in the same black ink and move on to adding brown ink around the edges. I shift on to adding a hint of color by troweling it on with a palette knife for a grunge look and finally adding my signature black paint lines completing the piece. 
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